Attenders 2021 dinner weekend

This is a list of those who have said that they are or may be attending the ASW dinner.  This list will be updated at regular intervals.  If you are attending and are not listed then email me,  Like wise if you are not attending then let me know   Updated 17 October  2021. Link to event information 

Surname Title dates served Saturday Friday Thursday
Burton    Mr 1977 - 2002 Yes Yes  
Burton Mrs   Yes Yes  
Williamson     Mr 1957 - 1982 Yes Yes  
Williamson     Yes Yes  
Underdown CPO (UW) 1999 - Yes Yes  
Underdown Mrs   Yes Yes  
Hutton Staff Sargent 1996 - Yes Yes  
Hutton Mrs   Yes Yes  
Britchford Mrs   Yes     Yes  
Bee Mr 1971 - 1980 Yes     Yes Yes
Bee Mrs   Yes Yes Yes
Bambridge Mr 1966 - 1975 Yes Yes  
Bambridge Mrs   Yes Yes  
White Mr 1975 - 2009 Yes Yes Yes
Cochrane Ms   Yes Yes Yes
Dacombe Mr 1964 - 1978 Yes Yes Yes
Dacombe Mrs   Yes Yes Yes
Cowley Mr 1965 - 1999 Yes Yes  
Cowley Mrs   Yes Yes  
Quiller Mr 1962 - 1986 Yes    
Quiller Mrs   Yes    
Jordan  (Daughter MQ) Mrs   Yes    
Jordan (Son in law MQ) Mr   Yes    
Millen Mr 1957 - 1982 Yes Yes Yes
Baxter CPO (UW) 1985 - Yes    
Baxter Mrs   Yes    
Bailey Mr 1976 - 2003 Yes Yes  
Bailey Mrs   Yes Yes  
Marshall Mr   Yes    
Marshall    Mrs   Yes    
McCready Mr 1974 - 2001 Yes    
Rodaway Mrs        
Hitchcock Mr 1962 - 1997 Yes    
Hitchcock Mrs   Yes    
Laurie Mr 1967 - 2001 Yes Yes  
Laurie Mrs   Yes Yes  
Cameron Mr 1983 - 2011 Yes Yes  
Whitehead Mr 1952 - 1989 Yes    
Whitehead Mrs   Yes    
Whitehead Miss   Yes    
Brown     Mr   Yes    
Whitehead Mr   Yes    
White Miss   Yes    
Whitehead Mr   Yes    
Whitehead Mrs   Yes    
Puxty Mr 1984 - 2015      
Linger    Mr 1968 - 2003 Yes    
Linger Mrs   Yes    
Coleman CPO (UW) 1987 - Yes     Yes  
Coleman Mrs   Yes Yes  
Coleman (Father Dave Coleman) Mr        
Coleman (Mother Dave Coleman)          
Elliott Mr 1968 - 1996 Yes    
West Mr 1963 - 1987 Yes Yes  
West                 Mrs   Yes Yes  
Gordon Mr 1960 - 1985      
Loynes Mr 1976 - 1999 Yes Yes  
Loynes Mrs   Yes Yes  
Dunsmore Guest Mike Loynes) Mr   Yes Yes  
Dunsmore (Guest Mike Loynes) Mrs   Yes Yes  
Gemmill Mr 1964 - 1998 Yes     Yes  
Gemmill Mrs   Yes Yes  
Nelson         Mr 1978 - 2006 Yes Yes  
Nelson     Yes Yes  
Franklin Mr 1967 - 2004 Yes Yes  
Franklin Mrs   Yes Yes  
Linn Mr 1954 - 1979 Yes    
Bradrick Mrs   Yes    
Lemage Mr 1976 - 1998 Yes Yes  
Sharpe OBE Mr     1990 - 2017 Yes    
Henty Mr 1967 - 1978 Yes    
Henty Mrs   Yes    
Hutchings Mr 1973 - 1997 Yes    
Mackenzie Mrs   Yes    


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Aims of the Association 

  • To promote "esprit de corps" amongst members so as to enhance their prestige within the service.
  • To provide wherever possible and within the means of the association, professional help and assistance to the serving membership.
  • To expand the social and recreational activities of its members.

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